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The Big Data Analytics market is continuosly evolving and in such a complex scenario, Datalabs, an Italian startup founded in 2017 in Milan, decides to launch its platform to help companies leverage the potential of Big Data.

Datalabs is an end-to-end platform that simplifies and accelerates the use of a Big Data system to gain value from your data.

With steady skills in the world of Big Data, Datalabs provides analysts with tools to simplify their daily activities, to keep the Governance on the whole data lifecycle.

Datalabs offers tools for data navigation and analysis to allow business users to get the advantages of Big Data systems in a short time.

Datalabs’ mission is to guide companies through the Digital Transformation path, taking advantage of Big Data Analytics potential (Sensor Data, Smart Data, Fast Data, Dark Data…), enhancing data and maintaining Governance within the processes.

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