Digital Content Management System (DCMS) allows the user to archive documents of different formats and heterogeneuos volumes, working along with the most common Document Management platforms (Sharepoint, Documentum, FileNet), in order to quickly search and analyze data.


The flexibility of visualization of DCMS archives allows the user to create its own search and navigation paths, leveraging clustering and advanced analytics algorithms. The user can easily find documents and informations, following paths guided by logical and semantic relations between contents.

Easy to use

Flexible solution that integrates with tools present in the company’s infrastructure. Improved search quality with its adaptive search engine

Reduced time to value

Reduce Time to Value: simple search of information in a ”Google-Like” way

Governance & Security

Integrated Data Governance to grant security and profiling, to facilitate audit processes and reporting to regulatory authorities

Advanced Analytics

It accelerates the use of the most innovative and common tools of Advanced Analytics (R, Python, Scala, Spark) in a Big Data environment


A solution that grants scalability and security, based on Big Data technologies

Datalabs’ mission is to guide companies through the Digital Transformation path, taking advantage of Big Data Analytics potential (Sensor Data, Smart Data, Fast Data, Dark Data…), enhancing data and maintaining Governance within the processes.

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